Healing Oracle of the Ifa

Healing Oracle of the Ifa

by Tariq Sawandi MS, Phd

Most works written on the subject of Yoruba medicine and West African healing traditions have focused upon the historical,  or ritual perspective.  No one has tried to find the key that unlocks the door to the science,  the understanding of the inner workings of the Ifa healing system.

This website is an attempt to revive the Yoruba healing system of West Africa,  by bringing it back to life for the present generation,  while keeping it within the realm of modern science,  and spiritual tradition. According to Yoruba tradition, the Oloogun (plant healer) have always been the keepers of the healing knowledge and plant wisdom. The Oloogun preserved various methods, concepts and techniques that were designed to Aid the individual and healing the mind, body, and spirit and bringing the Consciousness into a greater awareness of the Divine. Today, for a number of reasons, this ancient healing wisdom is at risk of becoming lost. The plant healers are difficult to find, and teachers of the Ifa healing science are a minority in modern times. It is for this reason that I write this book.

Over the last 20 years, I have devoted my life to the study of Traditional African Medicine. Doing this period, I have also been initiated into several Egyptian and Yoruba traditions. This has provided me with the unique opportunity to compare the old and the new. I also had the privilege of meeting and corresponding with many practitioners of Yoruba tradition throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and Africa. One area of frustration among these practitioners is a lack of a unified holistic system to carry Yoruba healing Concepts as one cohesive and interconnected body. Instead the Yoruba practice can often appear as Loosely related themes and Concepts partially connected to the ancient African source. Therefore, in other parts of the world, they do not always share the same essential Roots, which can result in a curious Patchwork mixture of energies, deities, practices, and Concepts.

To address this concern, and offer a more comprehensive system, I set about the task of applying the ancient Yoruba root to the template of modern Yoruba healing practice. I also selected a Yoruba foundation for the archetype themes related to each Orisha. The healing therapies and plant science given here are drawn from ancient Yoruba sources, but are easily applied to contemporary practice.

I'm a Healer, not a scholar. During the process of writing this work I utilized the consciousness-expanding sound technology developed by the Monroe Institute. This helped me to facilitate guided Journeys to communicate with the ancestors and the plant realm. Writing this book has been a religious experience; One By One, The ancestors came forward and communicated this knowledge to me, and share their cosmology and healing science.

Healing Oracle of the Ifa is my gift to the Yoruba community and African people in the diaspora; and those who work with non- physical entities of the universe. May this work be a bridge between Both Worlds and perhaps even reveal that they aren't that far apart after all.


I have been blessed by the Creator with the knowledge found on this website. It has transformed me beyond anything that I thought was possible. The wisdom from traditional African healing science is a gift I share with you and anyone who desire to activate the healing light within them and who desire to become healers in their community.

The following energy body charts provide a framework for understanding the human subtle energy Fields, self-awareness, purification, and healing processes that are at the core of human health and optimal functioning. Our newsletter Nile Valley Medicine, a guide to the healing secrets of the ancient Africans is available to all who wish to learn the science of healing the energy bodies as my teachers taught them to me. I call this form of healing "Quantum Ashe" therapy which includes radiant energy healing with the keys to the sacred energy centers. This Universal Cosmic Energy called Ra (Khemit),  Chi (China), Orgone (Europe), Prana (India), Qi (Japan), Aganyu (Yoruba), or Ogigi represent the expressions and spiritual Traditions over many centuries and in many cultures of the world. It's the same energy quantum physicists has identified as the photon,  the smallest identifiable particles of light that ride the waves of your body's electromagnetic current.  From the standpoint of traditional African medicine, your body is mapped with pathways of  polarized streams of water molecules (Oshun) that allow the flow of quantum and subtle energy fields. This has the power to dissolve blockages within the cellular, emotional, mental, and spiritual energetic structures of the body.

If you want to stay connected to this work and learn about how to heal and balance the sacred energy centers, order our Nile Valley Medicine Newsletter at the e-commerce store. The newsletter will present the biophysical principles underlying Energy Medicine including a review of the laws of the 11 Spheres  (Angelic intelligence, or psychic centers), the God Cosmos Equation, the electromagnetic spectrum, the holographic principle, and quantum physics. Each issue will illustrate the energy bodies subject matter with a broad range of images, diagrams, charts, and photographs.

Peace be with you

Dr. Tariq Sawandi