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Traditional African Formula Used By African Herbalists to Treat Chronic Diseases

60 Capsules

ONLY $28.00


An Incredibly Potent African Herbal Concoction of roots, seeds, grain, and plants, Made in the Way of West African Medicine Men, Handed Down for Generations. The Answer To Today's African Americans who suffer from Western Chronic Diseases!

An African vitamin supplement which is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, anti-hypertension, anti-arthritis, anti-heart disease all at once. Most Dietary Supplements only specialize in 1 of  those 6 capabilities!  This vitamin nutrient is so potent that it easily deals with common and chronic ailments.

This is a dietary supplement which Millions of Africans need in order to live healthy.

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"African Medicine: A Complete Guide to Yoruba Healing Science and African Herbal Remedies", a combination of ancient West African Healing Wisdom, spirituality, and modern science, presents a self-care healing guide in which Concepts such as Orisha Energies form the basis for diagnosis and treatment of chronic illnesses that most frequently threatened balanced health. The Yoruba, a tribe in West Africa, are considered to be the oldest herbalists on the planet. After living in ancient Benin for a time, they settle in ancient Egypt, bringing with them an spiritual and herbal system of Healing dating back 75,000 Years BC. Dr. Tariq Sawandi presents Yoruba Medicine as a comprehensive system of Health Care that heals the whole person, mind, body, and spirit. Chapters include:  the history, philosophy, methodology, and medicinal usage of African and Caribbean herbs, roots, gemstones, and sound to treat cancer, sickle cell anemia, high blood pressure, diabetes, HIV-AIDS, and other chronic diseases. This empowering book gives you many approaches to balance Health with easy to use charts, diagram, and tables.

Dr. Tariq Sawandi is a Master Herbalist who received his herbal training by studying with the famous Master Herbalist Doctor Michael Tierra, distinguish Pioneer innovator in the field of Planetary Herbology. He later went on to study under the direction of your Yoruba priest healer, Baba Ifa karade to learn the secrets of Yoruba healing tradition. He also received a doctorate in metaphysical science and healing from the University of Metaphysical Arts and Science in Redondo Beach California. He frequently lectures, and writes books and articles on quantum physics, Herbal Remedies, African holistic health science, Nutrition, and on the history of planetary healing systems around the world.

African Medicine:  A Complete Guide To Yoruba Healing Science and African Herbal Remedies

by Tariq Sawandi, M.S., PhD

The Softback Book,  236 pages

Cost $16.00 US Dollars

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